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02 Dec 2002
IOC News

First Meeting of the Coordination Commission for the 2008 Olympic Games

The Coordination Commission for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing in 2008 convened today in the Chinese Capital for two and a half days of meetings.

This visit marks the first meeting of the full Coordination Commission made up of sixteen members representing the IOC, the National Olympic Committees, the International Sports Federations, the athletes and the International Paralympic Committee. Two working group meetings have already taken place this year (April and August) as fact-finding exercises which now form the basis of this week's meeting.

Eight working groups covering the subjects of: Construction, Marketing, Sport, Environment, Olympic Village and Athletes' services, Communications, Accommodation, and Technology have been scheduled. Additional meetings, such as the visit by the IOC Medical Director to laboratories and sports medical representatives, will also be conducted.

The Coordination Commission began today with a tour of Beijing to visit the city light railway, the fourth and fifth ring roads and the Olympic Green. A welcome press conference by IOC administration officials was then held, followed by meetings. The visit will end on 4 December with a press conference held jointly by the IOC and the Beijing Organising Committee for Olympic Games (BOCOG).

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