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29 Jun 2003
IOC News

First EB decisions in Prague

Three decisions highlight the first day of the EB: the announcement of the annulment of the results of the athlete Larissa Lazutina from the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games (see press release), the return of the NOC of Afghanistan within the Olympic Movement, over turning the suspension of October 1999, and the withdrawal of two events from the cycling track programme and their replacement by two BMX events.

Following the report of the Director of the NOC Relations Pere Miró, the EB will recommend to the Session that it recognises the NOC of East Timor. Regarding the Iraq NOC, a preparatory mission went to Baghdad mid-June then to Kuwait City and met the representatives of the United Nations, of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), of the United States Olympic Committee, of the Coalitions Forces Provisional Authority and the US State Department. It was agreed that the athletes must be helped, specifically for their training and their attendance at international competitions with a long term view to be able to compete in the Athens 2004 Games.

The Chairman of Marketing Commission Gerhard Heiberg gave a brief summary of his report to the Session, updated the EB on the fact that the IOC has taken 100% control of Meridian, on the TV rights agreement with General Electric and NBC, and marketing opportunities in China.

Following the report of the Executive Director of the Olympic Games Gilbert Felli, the EB has fixed the dates for the Beijing Games which will now be held from 8 to 24 August 2008. With regard to the candidature to the 2012 Games, a CD Rom will be provided for the first time and an information seminar will be held next October. The Olympic Games Study Commission has presented 119 recommendations and proposed a calendar of dates for the implementation of the recommendations (see report below).

The EB also discussed the reports presented by Thomas Bach, Chairman of the Juridical Commission and by T. Sithole on behalf of Zhenliang He, Chairman of the Commission for Culture and Olympic Education.
On the agenda of the second day: the reports of the Organising Committees of the Games in Athens, Turin and Beijing.

Press release concerning Larissa Lazutina

Olympic Games Study Commission Report
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