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31 Jan 2007
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First agora of the year on extreme sports

The first exciting Agora of 2007 at the Olympic Museum. Organised in the framework of the exhibition “The Mind Makes a Champion”, under the title Between dream and risks: the extreme and chaired, as usual, by Jean-Philippe Rapp, the evening brought together a selection of lovers of snow sports and strong sensations. There were also some superb film clips.
A select group of snow sports enthusiasts
Those present were Nicolas and Loris Falquet, skiers, freeriders and film producers; the snowboarder Géraldine Fasnacht, winner of the Verbier Xtrême in 2002; snowboarder Cyril Neri, two-times winner of the Verbier Xtrême; and Jean-Yves Michelod, mountain guide, skier and winner of the Verbier Xtrême in 2004, Ruth Leisbach, winner of the Verbier Xtrême in 2006. They were accompanied by Nicolas Hale-Woods, Chairman of the Verbier Xtrême Organising Committee, and a REGA Air Glaciers doctor, Grégoire Zen Ruffinen.
Between dream and risks
Almost every second they spend practising the sport they love, these people face constant danger and even the risk of death. Géraldine Fasnacht knows all about this, having just lost her husband a month ago during a “routine” speedflying session. But for her, like those present with her, life goes on, and the passion for what they do is as strong as ever.
But not as crazy as all that…
Two-times winner of the Verbier Xtrême, Cyril Neri does however admit: “Verbier is really extreme. But I’m just as happy on a nice powder slope, ending up with some white wine and a sausage with some mates.” For Ruth Leisbach, another two-times winner of the Xtrême who Loris Falquet calls a “devotee”, things are even less complicated: “When I feel I want to, I know I can do it.” It’s as simple as that!
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