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01 Jun 2005
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Finding the Roots of Sport

Opening last Thursday at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, the temporary exhibition Finding the Roots of Sport highlights sport as a witness to ancestral practices and invites the visitor on a journey through the diversity of cultures past and present.


Origins - Rites - Identities

Before being qualified as “sporting”, certain actions had or still have an identity, ritual, political or spiritual value. Wrestling in Senegal, capoeira in Brazil, the Naadam Games in Mongolia, sumo in Japan, and the boomerang in Australia: different sports, different countries, but which share a commonality, which the visitor is invited to discover through this exhibition.


Items, filmed accounts…

Many items and filmed accounts, linked to rites and identities, offer the explanations necessary to understand the richness of certain practices, the quest for meaning and real significance of contemporary sporting actions. A visit as exciting as it is unusual. The exhibition will be open until April 2006.


… and many activities

Aside the exhibition, the summer cultural programme offers visitors special meetings with those who practise the traditional games, sports, songs and music. Each meeting is marked by proximity, exchange and authenticity. These activities are planned from 6 July to 14 August.


Youth special

From the beginning of the school term and upon request, youngsters (aged 12 upwards) will be able to take advantage of guided visits by Museum hosts, trained for the occasion by students at the Institute of Ethnology at the University of Neuchâtel. An education kit, produced in collaboration with the Education Development Foundation, will enable teachers to deal in-depth with the subjects covered in the exhibition and especially to work on the values of traditional sports while comparing them with Olympic sports.

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