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18 Aug 2004
IOC News

Fight against doping: More than 1,200 tests

Since 30 July, the date of the opening of the Olympic Village, the International Olympic Committee has carried out more than 1,000 doping controls and tests. The IOC is the only competent authority to manage the fight against doping during the Olympic Games.

Out-of and during competition
The number of tests comprises 901 urine tests and 327 blood tests.The total comes to 1,228. At each event, the first four placed and two random competitors are tested. Tests are carried out pre-competition and, since 11 August, the start of the football tournament, also post-competition.

25% increase compared to Sydney
For Athens 2004 the laboratory occupies all of a brand-new three-storey building, in the OAKA perimeter. It is accredited by WADA. During the Games, more than 100 people will be working there in around-the clock shifts. About 2,600 urine tests will be conducted, and about 400 EPO tests are planned; which is an increase of roughly 25% compared to Sydney.

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