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08 Nov 1999
IOC News


Lausanne, 8 November 1999 - IOC Olympic Academy of Science Meets for the First Time

The Fifth International Olympic Committee (IOC) World Congress on Sport Sciences, chaired by Prince Alexandre de Merode, surveyed the topic of Science and Medicine of Skilled Performance: Optimization, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation during its six-day conference, 31 October – 5 November, in Sydney.
The IOC Medical Commission, the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG), and Sports Medicine Australia hosted the Congress, endowed by Parke-Davis. His Excellency, the Rt. Hon. Gordon Samuels, governor of New South Wales, and Minister Michael Knight, president of SOCOG, were present to help open the Congress.
During the Congress, the IOC Olympic Academy of Science was founded, and its inaugural meeting was held. The Academy is comprised of world leading scientists studying questions related to Movement, Exercise, and Sport.
Among its 22 founding members are two Nobel Laureates, Prof. Vicomte de Duve (Belgium) and Sir Andrew Huxley (United Kingdom). Among the goals of the Academy are:
to disseminate knowledge on movement, exercise and sport to all humans
to be available as an advisory body to the IOC Medical Commission
to elevate the recognition and quality of the scientific activities related to Movement, Exercise and Sport

The participants of the Congress were all impressed by its high level of scientific discourse. More than 1,300 delegates from 61 countries participated and 17 eminent persons gave keynote addresses. In all participants submitted 520 summaries, 700 free presentations, and 200 poster presentations.

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