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08 Mar 2004
IOC News

FIFA Women's World Cup wins the worldwide Women & Sport Trophy 2004

The Women Sport Trophy 2004 was awarded on Sunday 7 March 2004 in Marrakech to the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Continental trophies were attributed to Kheilili Messaouda from Algeria, Ferdows Ara Khanam from Bangladesh, Galina Gorokhova from Russia and Lorraine Landon from Australia. No Trophy for the American continent was awarded this year.

72 candidates
The winners were selected by the IOC Women and Sport Commission, chaired by IOC member Anita L. DeFrantz, from the 72 candidates submitted by National Olympic Committees and International Olympic Sports Federations.

Development of women in football
The FIFA Women’s World Cup, the winner of the worldwide trophy, has largely contributed to the participation and development of women in football. Since its creation in 1986, it has promoted the acceptance of women’s and girls’ right to play this sport and provided a worldwide example of the participation of women on the playing field as well as in leadership positions. In terms of opportunities for women, the 1999 Women’s World Cup also saw the advent of the event policy of using 100% female referees. The 2003 Women’s World Cup also saw an increase in the number of national teams headed by female head coaches.

Continental winners from Algeria, Bangladesh, Russia and Australia
African Trophy winner Khelili Messaouda has developed a broad national programme to promote the participation of women in sport in Algeria. As part of her sports portfolio, she also successfully promoted women’s football in Algeria. The winner of the Asian Trophy, Ferdows Ara Khanam, has strived for decades to promote the increased participation of women and girls in sport at all levels. As Secretary General of the Bangladesh Women Sports Federation, she developed training programmes for girls in swimming, chess, gymnastic, handball, volleyball, and athletics all over the country.

Fencing and Basketball
The European Trophy winner, Galina Gorokhova from Russia, is a legendary female fencer: she was three times Olympic Champion and nine times World Champion. She has also been coaching the national women’s team for over 20 years, giving all her attention to the development of women’s fencing. For more than 35 years, Lorraine Landon, the winner from Oceania, has made a huge commitment to the development and profile of women’s basketball at local, state, national and international levels, as a player, coach, administrator and sport administration board member.

Created in 2000
The Women Sport Trophy, created in 2000, is awarded annually to a woman or man (athlete, coach, administrator or journalist) or to an institution or organisation, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to developing, encouraging and strengthening the participation of women and girls in physical and sports activities, in coaching, and in sports administration and leadership structures, as well as promoting female journalists and women’s sport in the media. Five continental trophies and one trophy at world level are awarded.

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