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12 Mar 2004
IOC News

Fencing begins at Helliniko

The Organising Committee for the Olympic Games in Athens and the Hellenic Fencing Association are jointly hosting the Acropolis Cup (Men’s Sabre) and the Athens Cup (Women’s Foil), which form part of the International Fencing Federation’s (FIE) Grand Prix series, from tomorrow until Sunday (12-14 March), as part of the preparatory programme of sport events ahead of the Athens Olympics.

Helliniko Olympic Complex
The bouts will take place in the Fencing Hall of the new Helliniko Olympic Complex. This will not only be an acid test of the good functioning of the venue; it will double as a fencing World Cup, giving combatants the chance to pick up points and secure their passage to the Athens Games.

200 fencers in Athens
Some 200 fencers will be taking part in the 2004 Olympics. The Fencing competitions will be held in the Fencing Hall of the Helliniko Olympic Complex.
Six Fencing disciplines are on the Olympic programme, which include six individual and four team events:

- Men’s foil (from 1896) – individual team events
- Women’s foil (from 1924) - individual events
- Men’s épee (from 1896) – individual team events
- Women’s épee (from 1996) – individual team events
- Men’s sabre (from 1896) – individual team events
- Women’s sabre (from 2004). – individual events

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