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14 Aug 2014
Nanjing 2014 , IOC News , YOG

Family affair for Argentina's rugby-playing Camerlinckx brothers

When siblings play on any national team it is a notable feat, but the Camerlinckx (ARG) brothers’ achievement stands out at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

Enrique Camerlinckx is more than a year older than Juan Cruz Camerlinckx and like all good sibling partnerships in the world of sport, each has a ‘sixth sense’ about what the other will do.

“When we were children, me and my brother used to play rugby in the garden, so that’s why the relationship is so strong. That’s why I know him so well,” says 17-year-old Juan Cruz, who normally goes by just Cruz.

“We know each other very well. I know his qualities, he knows mine. We have a very good relationship in our home, and here on the field,” adds Enrique, 18.

The brothers are number two and three in a family of five children, which features one older sister and two younger brothers. Their parents are very proud. “My mum is crying right now,” Cruz joked. “No, I just think they are really, really proud of us. I feel a lot of pressure [to perform for them], because I miss them.”

The pair are well respected within the team as well.

“They have a very good relationship,” explains team-mate Manuel de Sousa Carrusca. “They know each other very well. They both like to win a lot. They are very competitive.”

When it comes to playing style, the brothers favour different approaches, with the taller and heavier Cruz preferring the contact side of the game, and Enrique focusing on his sidestep and ability to run at the opposition.

The siblings will be hoping that this combination of skills can help Argentina on the path to success in Nanjing.

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