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19 Apr 2007
Beijing 2008

Eyes of the world increasingly focus on Beijing

“The eyes of the world increasingly focus on Beijing,” declared Hein Verbruggen, Chairman of the IOC Coordination Commission, today in Beijing at the end of the eighth visit of the Commission.  The progress made over the last few months has led the Commission and the Beijing Organising Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) to the conclusion that “a real milestone of high importance for the 2008 Games had been reached.”
“The world is watching you”
“The world is watching and waiting, eager to see what Beijing and China have to offer,” Hein Verbruggen added. “This puts a great responsibility on the shoulders of our partners at BOCOG, but I believe in them and their ability to show the world the potential of their country and their people in the 21st century.”
Environmental challenges
Commenting on further details, Verbruggen particularly stressed the environmental challenge BOCOG and China are facing: “No-one can deny that the backdrop of such a rapidly developing economy has brought challenges which may need contingency plans so that top-level athletic competition is not adversely affected.  We are encouraged, therefore, to see the appropriate plans being drawn up to tackle this. It won’t be the first time such measures have been used during Olympic Games – Los Angeles and Seoul are two examples where air quality measures were successfully adopted.”
680-hectare forestry project
In addition to permanent benefits through the creation of green areas, such as the 680-hectare forestry project near the airport and Olympic venues, and strict reductions in industrial pollution emissions, Beijing government officials have also reported an initiative to reduce traffic circulation during the Games. Many of the initiatives are part of comprehensive Games bid objectives established by BOCOG and local authorities in 2001 to ensure that athletes of the world are able to compete in the best possible conditions.
BOCOG: “2007 is critical”
Commenting on the eighth visit of the Commission, BOCOG President Liu Qi pointed out: “2007 is a critical year in the preparations for the Olympic Games. In line with the directives of the Chinese government and President Hu Jintao, BOCOG is making great efforts to deliver more detailed and efficient preparatory work for the 2008 Games.”
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