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11 May 2006

Explore fair play with the educational kit

Whether used as an aid to visiting the exhibition or on its own, the Angel or Demon? educational kit provides material for an in-depth study of fair play.

It’s an educational kit which...
- helps to understand the complexity of fair play;
- raises awareness of the consequences of one’s acts;
- encourages self-knowledge and self-respect, as well as respect for others;
- talks about fair play without moralising;
- encourages interdisciplinary projects.
It’s an educational kit for...
- secondary school teachers;
- coaches and heads of sports clubs;
- leaders of recreational activity groups.
Written in a thought-provoking manner, the kit poses many questions, which form the base for the student-focussed activities suggested at the end of each chapter.
Available in English, French and German, the kit (48 pages) contains 18 original illustrations which take a humorous look at fair play.
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