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07 Mar 2012
Singapore 2010

Exploration Journey

What is it?

The “Exploration Journeys” were a chance for the Youth Olympic Games participants to gain an understanding of environmental issues in the stimulating surroundings of HortPark and Marina Barrage, two of Singapore’s newest environmental attractions.

Have Fun!

What a journey this was! Participants going to the HortPark created an entire mini-ecosystem at the Terrarium workshop, then visited a garden where there were various activities in which they got their hands dirty! Those who choose to go to the Marina Barrage took part in water- and energy-themed activities and challenges, as well as experienced interactive displays about the environment. Plus they’ll got a breathtaking view of the Marina Bay waterfront and the Singapore skyline!

Get Inspired!

The “Exploration Journeys” offered insight and practical experience of crucial issues like green initiatives, environmental conservation, water pollution and clean energy. After such journeys, the participants had all the knowledge and motivation they need to help build a healthier environment in the future.

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