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03 Feb 2005
IOC News

Exhibition at the Olympic Museum: Il Vincitore

The exhibition Il Vincitore, Angelo Titonel has just been inaugurated at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. This Italian artist, known for his inclination to reiterate a symbol, presents the universal theme of the victor in a series of paintings. Using a method that is both systematic and chaotic, he works in an inventive way on technique, colour and texture.

Angelo Titonel and "Magic Realism"
Angelo Titonel was born in Cornuta (Treviso) in 1938. He first lived in Milan, where he became the Artistic Director of important multinational advertising agencies. Later, he settled in Rome and devoted himself to painting. In the 1970s, he became one of the main protagonists of "Magic Realism". His first personal exhibition was held in 1964 in Velbert-Essen in Germany.

Numerous prizes and awards
He has exhibited many times in Germany, France, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg for the Opening Ceremony of the Italian Presidency in 1994, and in the USA. As a guest at international biennial and quadrennial exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Paris, Grand Palais 1990), he has received numerous prizes and awards.

Until 12 June
Placed on a black background, and in an intimist, padded half-light, the artist’s works are displayed to their greatest advantage at the Olympic Museum. With several different versions, in a vast range of colours and materials, this victor’s gesture surprises and captivates people. The exhibition comprises six large paintings and some 15 smaller compositions, skilfully placed. It will be held until 12 June.

Angelo Titonel present at the preview
The preview took place on 2 February 2005, in the presence of the artist as well as Italian Consul in Lausanne Renato Castellani; IOC Director General Urs Lacotte; Museum Director Francis Gabet; and Head of Museology Frédérique Jamolli.

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