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28 Aug 2002
IOC News

Executive Board Update

Today marks the second day of IOC Executive Board (EB) meetings in Lausanne. Proceedings began yesterday, Tuesday 27 August, with a joint meeting between the EB and the Athletes' Commission, with its newly-elected Chairman, Sergey Bubka.

This was followed by a meeting with the International Olympic Winter Sports Federations, who informed the Board of the election of René Fasel as President of the Association of the International Olympic Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF), succeeding Gian-Franco Kasper.

During Tuesday afternoon's session, the EB listened to the report which the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) had given to the International Olympic Winter and Summer Sports Federations. The Federations were updated on WADA's activities, including the presentation of the draft World Anti-Doping Code.

Day one concluded with a joint press conference given by IOC President Jacques Rogge, ASOIF President Denis OSWALD and AIOWF President René Fasel.
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