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01 Mar 2006
IOC News

Events at the Museum during the Turin Games: a triumph!

The activities that took place at the Olympic Museum during the Turin Games were extremely successfully. Everyone was completely satisfied, from the organisers and monitors, to the intrepid beginners who dared to try out the ski jump, or those who preferred curling.
Five hundred and fifty jumps, and a few falls!
Between 10 and 26 February 2006, visitors could try their hand at ski jumping or curling. For ski jumping, Sunday 19 February was the busiest day, with 104 jumps – one every two minutes. The monitors worked hard finding skis and boots of the right size, giving advice and, above all, encouragement to those who lost their nerve at the top of the jump. There were no accidents to report among the 550 jumps that took place, in spite of a few brilliant plunges.  

From a stone with rollers to a granite stone
No fewer than 1,200 people tried their hand at curling, with, for example, surprising matches between grandparents and their grandchildren. Some others, after trying out this subtle sport using stones with rollers on the flat surface of the Museum’s hall, continued their experience at Lausanne Curling Club’s open day.  

Turin – Olympic Museum: a shared passion
Stéphane Meylan, Head of Events, made a positive report on this fortnight: “The passion of the Games was not only in Turin, but in Lausanne as well. Many people went away feeling as if they had had an (almost) Olympic experience. There was a warm atmosphere and a cosmopolitan crowd from Pakistan, Germany, France, England, America, Brazil and Japan. It was as if we were at the Games, the meeting place of people from all over the world!”

 The Olympic Museum Lausanne


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