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06 Jul 2004
IOC News

European tv rights for 2010 and 2012

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today confirmed that the contract for the Olympic broadcast rights for Europe for the XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010 and the Games of the XXX Olympiad in 2012(1) was officially ratified by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) during its General Assembly held on 1 and 2 July in St Petersburg.

51 countries
The agreement, announced recently by the IOC covers 51 countries, excluding Italy, and a wide range of media categories, including for the first time multi-media and mobile telephony.

EUR 614 millions
The agreement is valued at €614 million (US$746 million) an increase of around 40% from the previous contract(2). With respect to Italy, the IOC will commence direct negotiations with different broadcasters and media groups in due course.

Promotion of the Olympic ideals
In addition to the contract value, the EBU and its members have committed to major additional Olympic programming and promotional efforts to support the Olympic brand and promotion of the Olympic ideal outside Games time which the IOC values at a further €125 million.

Building on conclusion with GE for the US Olympic Broadcast
Building on the successful conclusion of the US Olympic Broadcast negotiations in June of last year, which were awarded to General Electric and NBC for a total package of US$2,201 billion(3) and with many important territories still to be negotiated, the European contract puts the IOC on track to reach financing of over US$3billion, monies that it will then redistribute to the world of sport, via the Organising Committees for the Olympic Games, the National Olympic Committees and the International Federations.

Growing value and significance
Commenting on the awarding of the European TV rights, IOC President Jacques Rogge said: "The IOC is delighted to confirm the signature by the EBU of the contract for broadcast and new media rights to the 2010 and 2012 Olympic Games. The EBU’s offer recognises the ever-growing value and significance of the Games."

Widest coverage guaranteed
According to Rogge the agreement not only guarantees the widest coverage of the Olympic Games throughout the European territory but also ensures the promotion of the Olympic values on an on-going basis, allowing the IOC to fulfil its mission as laid out in the Olympic Charter.

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