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26 Jun 2005
IOC Events , Press Release

Essential Facts and Figures

The information sheet on the election of the host city for the 2012 Games provides all the details on the various stages undertaken by the five Candidate Cities, the voting procedure in Singapore, and the results - round-by-round - of the host city elections since 1990.
  Host City Election

Find out more about the mission and running of the IOC Sessions and the main decisions taken since 1994, particularly the modifications made to the Olympic Charter by the different Sessions.
   IOC Sessions

Find out more about the IOC Members

  IOC Members

According to the Olympic Charter, the programme should be reviewed after each edition of the Games. This rule is not a new one and has been part of the Charter for many years. To date, the IOC has not, in practice, systematically reviewed the Olympic Games programme after each edition.

Olympic Programme

Find out more on revenue generation

Discover essential facts about all of the Games of the Olympiad from Athens 1896 to Athens 2004, including the names of the athletes who have lit the Olympic cauldron and taken the Olympic oath.
The Games of the Olympiad

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