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01 Mar 2007
IOC Events

ENR Accreditation – 8 June 2007

Applications for accreditation from non-rightsholding radio and/or television broadcasting organisations closed on 8 June 2007.  Late applications will not be considered.


July 2007
The International Olympic Committee will contact each ENR that applied for accreditation to inform them whether they have been selected for accreditation and how many accreditations they will receive.  Unsuccessful companies will also be contacted.

The IOC will send the News Access Rules and Undertaking document to the selected organisations.  The Undertaking must be signed and returned to the IOC.  Without this signed document, the company will not receive the Press by Name form.  The rules will also be posted on the IOC website.

8 September 2007
Deadline for successful ENR organisations to sign the Undertaking.

1 November 2007
BOCOG to send the Press by Name forms to ENR organisations who have signed the Undertaking.

29 February 2008
Deadline to return the Press by Name form in order to receive the Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card (OIAC).

8 May 2008
BOCOG Accreditation Department starts the distribution of Olympic Identity and Accreditation Cards (OIACs)

8-24 August 2008
Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing
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