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Edvin Anger: “I have never been to Switzerland!”

Edvin Anger IOC
Edvin Anger (standing tall at 1.90m) will be one of Sweden’s main assets in cross-country skiing during the Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020, in what will be his first big international competition. A sprint specialist, he will be looking to shine in La Vallée de Joux, where the races will be taking place.

You come from Sweden, where cross-country skiing is one of the major sports. Did you start early and did you try other sports? 

I started when I was around seven or eight years old. I was on skis from a very early age. I also played football, but cross-country skiing was the best for me. I come from a little town called He-demora. In winter, the conditions are good for skiing but the season is not very long.   

How do you practise during the summer? 

During the summer, I run and I do roller-skiing. I would say I mostly run.

What are your best results so far? 

I won the Scandic Cup last year in the under-18 category. It’s a four-week competition with the best boys in Sweden. And I was amongst the youngest. I won the general ranking.

Do you have some international experience?

Not a lot. I just took part in the Nordic games in Otepaa (Estonia) last year. And I raced twice in Norway. 

Do you know some of your opponents in your age category? 

Yes, I know some of the Norwegians, like the Holmboe brothers and some of the Finnish guys. I met them in Otepaa last year.

What is your speciality in cross-country skiing? 

I would say that skate sprint is my best discipline. But I love all the disciplines. When I was young, I was better in the classic style (alternative steps), now I’m most efficient in skating. 

What are your ambitions in sport?  

My dream is to be in the World Cup soon. I hope that these Youth Olympic Games can help me to improve, to be a better cross-country skier. 

When did you hear about these Youth Olympic Games? 

I heard about this competition for the first time last year. It was before the EYOF [European Youth Olympic Festival]. I was a reserve athlete for this competition in Sarajevo and it was quite disap-pointing not to participate. I was too young in fact, but I heard that the Youth Olympic Games would take place in 2020. 

Your discipline is often a question of maturity. Do you agree? 

I agree you have to wait a long time before being at your best. It’s hard work – especially in Swe-den, where there is a lot of competition. 

What do like about the sprint? It’s not the most natural way of doing cross-country… 

I love the competition with the other guys: head to head. I like it when it’s fast and when you have to fight for the victory. 

Did you have any idols growing up? 

Yes, when I was a little kid my idol was triple Olympic champion Markus Hellner. I was a real fan. 

Markus Hellner 2016 Getty Images

And do you have some memories of the Olympic Games? 

I remember when Sweden won the relay at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games. Marcus Hellner raced the final leg. They were pretty good Olympic Games for Sweden. 

What are you expecting from these Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne? 

I hope I will learn a lot for the future. I think there is a lot to see and learn just being there. I have never had the opportunity to go to Switzerland. My father competed in St Moritz, in a big race there.

Your father was a champion?  

Yes, my father skied competitively when he was young. He was just below the national team and he raced the Vasaloppet one time. And I also have a brother who does cross-country skiing. 

What are your dreams for these Games? 

Winning a medal would be a dream. Being part of it will be a great experience, meeting boys and girls from different countries. If I can watch other sports I will do, but my main focus will be on the competition. 

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