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27 Oct 2008

Educational kits by theme

For each new temporary exhibition, The Olympic Museum's Educational and Cultural Services provide a learning kit to teachers and their pupils. This document contains information and activities for exploring the theme in class or preparing a visit to The Museum.

Educational kit: Beijing 2008
Developed in the framework of the Beijing 2008 exhibition (2 February - 26 October 2008), this kit addresses the Olympic Games in Beijing from several different approaches: the Olympic icons (mascots, torches, emblem and medals); the impact of the Games on the city; the environment; economy and society; and cultural identity through a study on Chinese culture and our own culture. It contains information and worksheets for 8-16 year-old schoolchildren.

Available in English,  French and  German.

Educational kit : The Mind Makes a Champion : Training my mind at school
Developed for the exhibition The Mind Makes a Champion (23 November 2006 - 2 September 2007), this kit focuses on six key mental skills for sportspeople and looks at transferring them to a school environment. In this way, pupils L'élève part ainsi à la découverte de l'entraînement mental des sportifs tout en prenant conscience de son propre fonctionnement.

Available in English,  French and German.

Educational kit : Finding the Roots of Sport
Developed for the exhibition Finding the Roots of Sport (May 2005 - March 2006). Starting with a study of a number of traditional sports and their links to modern or Olympic sports, this kit goes on to initiate reflection on sport as heritage, the nature of its relationship to culture and the values particular sports carry in society.

Available in English, German and French by order.

DVD Vidéo - PAL Section: demonstrations of traditional sports as performed at the Olympic Museum.
DVD-ROM Section: information on traditional sports (Naadam Games in Mongolia, kurash in Uzbekistan, wushu in China, capoeira in Brazil, sumo in Japan, , traditional wrestling in Senegal and Switzerland), interviews, photos, video clips.
Available in trilingual version French, English and German by order.

An educational programme developed in collaboration with the Fondation for Education and Development (FED)

Educational kit : Angel or Demon ? The Choice of Fair Play
Developed for the exhibition Angel or Demon ? (April - November 2006), this kit explores the idea of fair play (its origins and history, its complexity, learning to be fair play through self-knowledge, self-respect and respect for others, discussing fair play without moralising, etc.).

Available in English, French and German by order.

Downloadable extracts : Chapter 1 and Illustrations

Educational kit : Sailing the World
Developed for the exhibition Sailing the World (September 2007-January 2008), this kit presents scale models of sailing ships, from ancient times through to today, from the earliest square-rigged Egyptian boats to the latest technological innovations of the America’s Cup !

Available in EnglishFrench and German.

An educational kit developed in collaboration with Ecole-Musée.
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