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20 Feb 2010
Vancouver 2010 , IOC News

Education Through The Games

Before and during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, the Vancouver 2010 Organising Committee (VANOC) has been running an educational programme allowing school children across Canada and the world to learn more about the Games and the Olympic values. Called /EDU, the programme has allowed students and teachers to have a direct link to the Vancouver Games, the positive influence of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements and the three Olympic pillars of sport, culture and the environment. The web-based programme has created an interactive community celebrating the spirit of the Vancouver Games.

Feature Programmes

Building on VANOC’s preparations for the Games, many of the programmes on offer through /EDU were themed on Olympic elements including the mascots, the Olympic Truce and the Cultural Olympiad. These feature programmes allowed teachers to get access not only to VANOC programmes but also programmes of other organisations like the Canadian Olympic Committee.


As part of the project, teachers were able to share the work of their students on VANOC’s official website, so that the children’s work could be shared with the world. Every class that participated in this project showcase received an official Vancouver 2010 certificate, as well as some small mementos for the children.

Collaborative Effort

The /EDU programme was developed by VANOC, with the support of the BC Ministry of Education and representatives from the 13 ministries responsible for education in Canada. Each ministry agreed to work with VANOC to inform and involve teachers in the programme, identify the best educational resources in the areas of sport, culture and sustainability and collaborate on the development of new educational resources.

More about the /EDU programme:


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