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Discover Olympic fashion, Rio 2016 style!
18 May 2016
RIO 2016 , Olympic News

Little by little, the various Olympic delegations are unveiling the outfits they will wear in Rio this summer. As it is every four years, the athletes’ parade at the Opening Ceremony will be a veritable fashion show!

At the Olympic Games, all the members of a delegation have a full array of team outfits. Firstly, there are the “official” outfits, those worn by the athletes, officials and other officers, which will be seen by the spectators in the Maracanã Stadium during the athletes’ parade which will take place during the Opening Ceremony on 5 August. Then there will be the sports kit, different for each sport, known as “technical clothing”. But it is in the design of the official outfits that the various manufacturers let their imagination run riot, creating colours and shapes to make a 2016 Olympic fashion statement!

A little recap of the official outfits revealed these last few months:

All credit to the host country: The Brazilian outfits come in a range of striking greens and yellows.

The Australian team will wear white shoes and shorts (for men) and skirts (for women). But it’s above all the jacket which will catch the eye, with its thin green-and-white retro stripes and dark green border, and a large badge showing the Olympic team logo.

France’s team will wear the “classic” white polo shirt, blue jacket and white trousers, without forgetting a touch of red (buttonhole tab and sleeve border).

On Team Canada’s outfits, there is always a maple leaf of differing sizes. This time, it is white, and it covers the whole back of the athletes’ long red jackets. The word “Canada” appears in black above the symbolic leaf.

The British kit was designed by stylist Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul. She worked around the royal coat of arms, which appears in a stylised form on the athletes’ clothing.

The German delegation will wear a silver outfit bearing the word “Germany”, with black trousers and a border in the colours of the German flag.

We don’t yet know what the American athletes will wear for the Opening Ceremony – it’s going to be a surprise! But the Closing Ceremony kit has been revealed – it’s very sporty, with white shorts, a belt in the colours of the America flag, and either a white, blue or red shirt.

The official outfit of the South Korean delegation consists of a white hat, a navy jacket lined with white, white trousers and blue shoes.

Russia’s Olympic team outfits show the word “Russia” or “Россия” in Cyrillic letters, in white on a red background. The top part of the outfit is white, and the trousers and skirts are blue.

The Chinese outfits are red with gold letters. These colours are used on all the clothes, both official and technical.

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