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30 Mar 2004
IOC News , Press Release

Death of Wlodzimierz Reczek, IOC Honorary Member

It was with great sadness that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) learned yesterday of the death of Wlodzimierz Reczek, IOC member (in Poland) from 1961 to 1996, and IOC honorary member since 1996.

For over 20 years, Mr Reczek was President of the Polish Olympic Committee. He was also President of the Polish Football Federation and of the Supreme Committee for Sports and Tourism.

Elected as an IOC member in 1961, he chaired the Cultural Commission twice, and was later a member of it. He was also a member of the Information and Culture Commission and the Commission for the International Olympic Academy and Olympic Education.

A man of letters, Mr Reczek was the Principal of the Physical Education Academy in Katowice. He was the author of several books on physical education and the history of sport and Olympism in Poland.

The IOC expresses its deepest sympathies to his family.
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