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21 Feb 2003
IOC News

Day 2 of the IOC Executive Board Meeting - Part 2

This afternoon, the Executive Board (EB) heard the second half of the report on the Athens Games and approved the Olympic Torch Relay, which for the first time will follow an international route. The details of the relay will be made public by ATHOC during a media event scheduled for Monday, 24 February in Athens.

The last point on the agenda of the EB meeting was the presentations of IOC directors.

Immediately following the close of the meeting, the IOC President Jacques Rogge held a press conference and summarised the main points discussed over the last two days (see previous news below).

Commenting specifically on the progress of the organisation of the Athens 2004 Games, he said: "The good rhythm noticed six weeks ago during my visit has slowed down. We were expecting the situation in several areas to be resolved, namely the signing of the security tender, the rebuilding of the Karaiskaki football stadium and the construction delays that could affect the staging of test events. This is not the case today and we are therefore concerned."

President Rogge added, "We are now sixteen months away from the Games, time is critical and a sense of urgency needs to be found. There is no question of the Games not taking place in Athens - what is at stake here is the quality of the Games. Mrs Angelopoulos and her team have our full support and we are confident that solutions will be found very quickly to ensure the success of the Games."

Photo: IOC President Jacques Rogge (left) and Denis Oswald, Chairman of the Coordination Commission for Athens 2004.
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