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26 Nov 2002
IOC News

Day 2 - IOC Executive Board in Mexico City

On its second day of meeting, the IOC Executive Board (EB) heard the report of the Salt Lake Organising Committee (SLOC) by video conference with Mitt Romney in Salt Lake and by Fraser Bullock who joined the board in Mexico City. The report given to the IOC (see photo) confirmed that the XIX Olympic Winter Games were a true celebration for the athletes and their sports, left a wonderful legacy for the city and were financially a huge success.

The EB also discussed the Olympic Programme and stressed the necessity to review it on a regular basis. The Board also reaffirmed that the decisions regarding the inclusion and exclusion of sports should remain the competence of the IOC Session. It decided that the recommendations of the Olympic Programme Commission to exclude three sports (baseball, Softball and Modern Pentathlon) should be directly voted on by the IOC Session. The vote, that will take place on Friday 29 November in the afternoon, will be done in alphabetical order, by secret ballot, and the results will not be given until all three sports have been voted upon.

Within the discussions on disciplines and events, the proposal made by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) to change the format of one of its disciplines (eventing) in response to the Programme Commission report, has been accepted for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The EB will discuss three-day eventing as part of the 2008 Olympic Games and onwards when it meets in Lausanne in February. Please refer to accompanying note for further information.

During its afternoon session, the EB heard the reports by Gerhard Heiberg, Chairman of the Marketing Commission, Patrick Schamasch, Director of the Medical Commission, and Giselle Davies, Director of Communications.

FEI Proposal to the IOC to retain eventing in the Olympic programme
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