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28 Nov 2002
IOC News

Day 1 - 114th IOC Session in Mexico City

The 114th IOC Session today opened with the award of the Olympic Order to Flor Isava-Fonseca (IOC Honorary member) and Ashwini Kumar (IOC Honorary member) and a tribute to João Havelange (IOC active member) for his participation in his 50th IOC Session.

The IOC Session began its work with 115 of the 126 members present to discuss four key areas, which will form the cornerstones for the future direction of the Olympic Movement:

1. The seven audits of the IOC administration launched by IOC President after his election
2. The study of the cost and complexity of the Olympic Games
3. The review of the IOC 2000 reforms
4. The Olympic Programme

The first day covered the first three subjects. After an opening address by the President (see below), Finance Director Thierry Sprunger then presented the results of the seven audits undergone by the IOC Administration. The new IOC functional organizational chart, approved Monday by the IOC Executive Board was then explained in detail by the President. Debate and comments from several members ensued for some 45 minutes.

The IOC members also elected Singapore as the Host City for the 117th IOC Session in 2005 (Singapore - 59 votes, Guatemala City - 51 votes).

The afternoon session began with Richard Pound's interim report of the Olympic Games Study, which the commission of eleven members has undertaken over the past months. Please see below for full report.

The closing hours of the first day's meeting focused on a discussion of the reforms brought in by the IOC in 1999. In particular a vote was made to uphold the reform that IOC members are banned from visiting candidate cities.

Two press briefings were held during the day. The first focused on clarification of financial information given by the President. Mr Sprunger confirmed that the IOC has reserves of US$140 million and is seeking to increase these reserves by US$52 million in order that it can financially survive a period of four years where Games might be fully or partially cancelled. He also confirmed that savings of US$ 11.1 million have been made in 2002 and placed into the Olympic Foundation.

Documents related to the IOC 2000 Reforms
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