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30 Mar 2004
IOC News

Cycling cover-up in Athens

The roof of the Olympic Velodrome was successfully moved into place this weekend under the supervision of its Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. With the steel structure now in place, the roof’s covering must now be fitted before the track cycling test event in June.

On The Slide
The operation, which was supposed to last from Friday until Tuesday, was completed two days ahead of schedule on Sunday. This was no small feat given that the entire operation required sliding a 4,000 tonne steel structure, measuring 106m by 154m, 135 metres down two concrete tracks to position it on top of a 5,000-seat stadium.

Warm-Up For The Olympic Stadium (OAKA)
Coordination Commission Chairman Denis Oswald described the completion of the roof sliding operation as very satisfying. He said, "The successful sliding of the 4,000 tonne velodrome roof is very satisfying for a number of reasons, even though it may have happened later than planned." He continued, “The slide could be seen as a warm-up for the main stadium's roof, so it had to go well. Important lessons have been learned. The Velodrome is exactly the kind of project the IOC has asked the new Greek government to make a priority. We are now confident conditions for the track cyclists during the Athens 2004 Games will be excellent."

Track Cycling At The Olympic Games
During the Games, track cycling will be held from 20 to 25 August in the Olympic Velodrome. The events included in the Olympic programme are the men’s 1km individual time trial, the women’s 500m individual time trial, the men’s and women’s sprint, the men’s and women’s individual pursuit, the men’s team pursuit, the men’s and women’s points race, the men’s Madison, the men’s keirin and the men’s team sprint. The results, depending on the event, are judged either by time, by victory over an opponent or by completion of a distance.

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