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20 Jan 2012
Innsbruck 2012 , YOG

Curling dynasty talks sibling rivalry at Innsbruck 2012

Young British curler Thomas Muirhead is not the only Muirhead at the Youth Olympic Games. His sister, Eve, is also here - not as a competitor, but as an Athlete Role Model. A four-time world junior women’s curling champion, a senior world silver medallist and celebrated skipper of Great Britain at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Eve is in Innsbruck to share her experience.

Speaking about his sister, who is five years his senior, Thomas, 16, said: “She has been really successful since she was young and I am trying to achieve the same. ”

Although team GB did not win a medal in the mixed gender curling competition (that accolade went to Switzerland, which beat Italy in the final), Thomas is still positive about his time at YOG.

“It has been great to get the experience of the Youth Olympic Games. It is huge to stay in the Youth Olympic Village. This is all new, having the whole media around and living with different athletes”, he said excitedly.

Eve also thinks the Youth Olympic Games are a great opportunity for young athletes. “If I had had the chance to go to a Youth Olympic Games when I was younger, I would have definitely jumped into the challenge,” she said.

The siblings, who often train together, have another family member to live up to. Their father, Gordon, was a curling world champion. “He never pushed us to do it. If we wanted to play, we played. I think that is really important. Young people cannot be pushed into a sport. We both enjoy what we do,” Eve said.

But who needs a pushy parent when you have a healthy sibling rivalry? “We always try to be better than each other ”, Thomas laughed.

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