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Courtney Rummel: “Once-in-a-lifetime experience”

Courtney Rummel IOC
Sixteen-year-old Courtney Rummel is one of the US ski team’s top snowboarding prospects (slopestyle and big air) in Leysin. The teenager already has two World Cup top 15 finishes to her name and has taken part in the World Junior Championships twice, finishing fifth in big air in 2019. She is expecting her time in Switzerland to be an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

How did you start snowboarding? Did you practise other sports?

I started snowboarding because my brother did it. I played tennis for several years until I started snowboarding all year round.

Are your parents involved in sports?

My parents are both very active and are also very involved in my snowboarding. They support me with everything I accomplish.

How would you describe West Bend, Wisconsin, where you come from?

It’s a very small town, very flat.

Is there one coach who has been important in your career? 

There are two important coaches that I have. Adam Junio is my private coach, who I’ve been riding with since I was eight, and who spends most winters with me training me in Colorado. Nichole Mason is my US team coach who I rely on during competitions to get my headspace right and help me come up with runs to be the best I can be in those competitions. Both of them have helped me come so far in snowboarding and mean so much to me.

When did you realise you could become a champion?

When I was named on the US team, I realised I had a future in snowboarding.

Is it easy to combine your studies and snowboarding? 

No, it takes a lot of discipline to stay on top of my studies, especially while I am travelling.

What is your ambition in your sporting career?

To be one of the best athletes in my field and to be able to have a long career in snowboarding.

What do you like about your sport?

I love being outside in the mountains, I love travelling and seeing the world to compete in different places. I love the energy I get when I am snowboarding.

Did you have an idol growing up?

Marcus Kleveland, a two-time X-Games winner, has been my idol growing up for a while now.

Marcus Kleveland 2018 Getty Images

You do big air and slopestyle; do you have a preference?

I enjoy practising slopestyle more because I like having a full course of rails and jumps. I don’t like having to rely on one jump.

What do you consider to be your best results so far?

For the last two years I have been on the podium on the Rev Tour. I won the Park City Rev Tour and I was also excited to place fifth at the Junior Worlds in Sweden in big air.

What are your favourite tricks?

My favourite tricks are cab 5 and backside spinning.

What are you expecting from the Youth Olympic Games?

I expect to have a once-in-a-lifetime, amazing experience.

Do you know some of your rivals?

Yes, I know almost all of the girls and they are fantastic people. Everyone you meet is so friendly.

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