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30 Mar 2016
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Corey Ollivierre bids to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Grenadian swimmer Corey Ollivierre is drawing inspiration from the performances of countryman Kirani James and others as he bids to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
What would it mean to you to swim  for Grenada at Rio 2016?

Representing Grenada at the Olympic Games would be unbelievable and a humbling and proud moment. Being able to wear those bright colours and represent my country is a feeling that I wouldn’t  want to give up that easily.

How will the Olympic Solidarity  grant help you?

The Olympic Solidarity grant will assist me in qualifying for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the prerequisite qualifying competitions. It will be used to fund travel to competitions, and to purchase necessities that will be of value to my development and improvement.

What does the funding mean for your training?

This programme will allow me to train outside of Grenada, which will be very beneficial as I will get to train in a high-performance 50m pool.

Did you always want to be a swimmer?

The truth is I’ve been swimming for as long as I can remember. I have competed in other sports but not to the same level as swimming. In school I participated in athletics, cross-country, tennis and table tennis, and then I played football with a club for some time and did a little sailing. But with the time that I put into swimming there was no real time to practise or train  for those other sports. 

Who is your swimming hero and why?

My swimming hero is Cameron van der Burgh from South Africa because he swims in the same events as I do. I also admire his determination to progress from being “an almost won the race”-type swimmer to becoming a world champion, Olympic champion and world record holder. 

Do you draw inspiration from your Grenadian team-mates such as 400m runner Kirani James?

Being able to attend the Commonwealth Games as an actual team-mate of [athletes] Kirani James, Kurt Felix and Rondell Bartholomew was an experience that I will never forget. To see the way they represent our country at such a level is an inspiration for me, despite the fact that I compete in a different sport. Seeing what Kirani has been able to achieve as a fellow Grenadian really inspires me to work hard and aspire to fulfil my dreams. 

You competed in butterfly, freestyle and breaststroke events at the 2014 World Swimming Championships. What is your best stroke?

My best stroke is breaststroke. I like the other strokes, but sadly I don’t reach the same level of performance. I put work in to all the strokes, but not quite as much as breaststroke because early on it was recognised that this was the stroke for me. Since then, as my dad says, breaststroke has been “my bread and butter” – and I love bread and butter! 

Will you concentrate purely on breaststroke in the future?

I would like to enhance the level of my performance in certain other events, namely the 50m freestyle and the 50m butterfly. I specialise in breaststroke and I’m a sprinter. I am almost certain that  I will always be a breaststroker.

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