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09 Jul 2004

Coordination Commission Chairman Wraps Up Athens Visit

IOC Coordination Commission Chairman Denis Oswald and Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli today completed a project review in Athens, where they were able to see first-hand the work being completed across the city.


“I am impressed. I was here three weeks ago and the progress achieved from that time until today is enormous,” said Oswald, after the touring the OAKA venue cluster where trees, plants, fountains and other aesthetic features have been added to the areas around each facility. Shading for the athletes at the swimming pool is now in place.


Venue Tours and Meetings

The two-day project review comprised a series of venue tours and meetings. Oswald and Felli discussed a diminishing list of outstanding issues with ATHOC and with government ministers. They visited most of the competition venues as well as many of the non-competition venues, including the Main Press Centre, due to open on 13 July.


Security Systems Operational

A visit to the security command centre saw the command, control, communications and coordination systems being handed over from the contractors to the Greek authorities:  “Much work has been done... I am confident the authorities will use the remaining time to prepare to provide a very thorough level of service during the Games,” said Oswald.

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