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30 May 2012
Nanjing 2014 , YOG

Cool new events for Nanjing 2014

Nanjing 2014’s action packed sports programme just got even better! It has been announced that six new events will be added to the 14 amazing days of sporting competition, which follow the 28 sports of the Olympic programme.

Already an event that creates an electric atmosphere, athletics will see the addition of an 8x100m mixed team relay event, which will include mixing athletes from different NOCs and genders. This event is sure to blow the roof off the stadium!

Let’s hear it for the girls! Canoeing fans will see women’s C1 head-to-head sprint racing and women’s C1 obstacle slalom racing events join the line-up. This will even gender balance in the sport by equalling the number of events and number of medals.

Finally, aquatics will be making an even bigger splash by including an 800m freestyle event for men and women. A diving team event will also be included, which will combine 3m springboard and 10m platform with mixed NOCs and gender (one man, one woman).

2014… it’s gonna be a cool, cool summer! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest YOG news!

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