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06 Dec 2007
IOC News , Olympic Congress 2009

Congress 2009: Your view matters!

Starting from 15 January 2008, visitors to will be able to give their views and make proposals linked to the five themes of the 13th Olympic Congress. The views expressed by the internet users will be taken into account in the preparations for the Congress, which will be held from 3 to 5 October 2009 in Copenhagen, and the main trends emerging from the comments by the public will be described on the website

The Congress themes

Theme 1: The athletes
- Relationship between the athletes, the clubs, federations and the NOCs
- Health protection in training and competition
- The social and professional life of athletes during and after elite competition
Theme 2: The Olympic Games
- How to keep the Games as a premier event?
- The Olympic values
- Universality and developing countries
Theme 3: The structure of the Olympic Movement
- The autonomy of the Olympic Movement
- Good governance and ethics
- The relationships between the Olympic Movement and its stakeholders
Theme 4: Olympism and Youth
- Moving towards an active society
- Is competitive sport still appealing?
- Youth sports events
Theme 5: The digital revolution
- A new management of sports rights
- How to increase the size of the sports audience?
- Communication with stakeholders in the digital age

Between now and 15 January
Until the public area opens, we recommend that all future contributors read the Congress Regulations and Call for Contributions carefully. Each person may submit two contributions.

On your marks!

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