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05 Oct 2005
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Conference at the Olympic Museum

Next Sunday at 2 p.m., the Olympic Museum auditorium will host a round table entitled Sporting Life and Family, or the importance of the family’s support in sporting success. It will be led by Mattia Piffaretti, a sports psychologist and former basketball player. This conference is being organised in the framework of the 25th Olympic Week. Free entry.
First-rate guests
There will be several speakers. Firstly, high-level diver Jean-Romain Delaloye. He participated in the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, and the Athens Games in 2004. He is also finishing his medical studies at the University of Lausanne. Also participating will be former skater Cédric Monod, who is now a teacher and consultant for the Télévision Suisse Romande, as well as the head of communications for Team Stéphane Lambiel. And finally, there will be Igor Bacsinszky, Swiss Tennis’ decentralised national coach, whose daughter is a talented young player.
Champions’ families: rising to the challenge
The family plays a fundamental role in supporting and supervising young athletes. Sometimes, parents act as real coaches and manage their child’s sports career from beginning to end. In other cases, they remain in the background. Both situations have advantages and disadvantages.
Childhood, adolescence, adulthood
At each moment of a young athlete’s life, the role of the family changes. It is different during childhood, at adolescence, and in adulthood. In this conference-discussion, the speakers will seek to illustrate these successive phases with their personal accounts.
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