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08 Jul 2019
Olympic News

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Preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Games Experience Programme

Co-creation, the incorporation of the New Norm principles and optimal integration of learnings from and for the Paralympics are the main features of the new Games Experience Programme, which will be implemented for the first time in the run-up to and during Tokyo 2020.

Previously known as the “Observer Programme” and as reported in the OGKM News in May, the revamped version will be more tailored to the needs and lifecycles of the various participating OCOG representatives. For the programme at Tokyo 2020, the Paris 2024 organisers will be the key target audience, given their role as the host of the next Summer Games edition.

OGKM’s Games Experience Programme (GEP) team will hold kick-off meetings with the Tokyo 2020 functions and their IKM Project team between 25 and 30 August 2019 in Tokyo, Japan, in order to discuss the logistics and format of the programme, roles and responsibilities and the content and schedule of the different activities, including the venue visits.

Games Management 101 online course

Members of the IOC’s Games Management team, staff of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) as well as of OCOGs are invited to join in the Games Management 101 online course which provides a refresh on the foundations of the Games Management approach, as well as updates on the ongoing implementation of the Olympic Agenda 2020 New Norm, including concrete examples of how this impacts and changes the IOC approach. While the course will not provide a full and detailed breakdown of Games Management, it will direct users to multiple sources where more information can be accessed.

The duration of the online course is 60 to 90 minutes and it is possible to complete it in stages. To access the GM101 online course, please click here. If you don’t have access yet or would like to receive more information about the course, please contact

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