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18 Jan 2011

Call for abstracts

Sports administrators, executives and delegates of International Federations and National Olympic Committees, delegates of sports organisations and institutions involved in Sport for All, politicians and researchers, are all kindly called upon to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations at the 14th World Conference on Sport for All in Beijing, China (hereafter the “Conference”). Abstracts should be submitted that address one of the themes of the Conference outlined below.

The themes for the 2011 Conference will be as follows:
• Follow-up of the 2010 World Conference on Sport for All;
• Health and social benefi ts of physical activity;
• Programmes and policies: the practical and theoretical foundations of Sport for All;
• Development and promotion of Sport for All, in particular the roles of different stakeholders; and
• Future directions.
To review in detail the outcomes of previous World Conferences on Sport for All, earlier final declarations can be found at

Submission Process

Practical-based and scientific submissions are encouraged. In addition, abstracts summarising case studies and examples of Sport for All initiatives are also welcome. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Programme Committee (‘the Committee’) in accordance with the Rules for Abstract Submission. They will be judged on the basis of a number of criteria including originality, impact/importance, relevance, quality and clarity. Abstracts will either be accepted as oral presentations (workshop or parallel session) or poster presentations. The Committee will make the final determination as to the method of presentation.


15 March 2011 Abstract Submission
30 June 2011 Notification of abstract acceptance
30 June 2011 Early registration deadline
15 July 2011 Notification of format of presentation
1 August 2011 Presenters registration deadline
15 August 2011 Registration deadline

Rules for abstract submission 

Please read the Rules for Abstract Submission (‘the Rules’) carefully before writing and submitting the abstract.

Submission Process

1. Abstracts must be submitted via the online submission system ( Detailed instructions are provided on the site as to the submission process.

2. The abstracts must summarise original work that has not been previously published.

3. Abstracts, completed in accordance with the Rules, must be submitted by 15 March 2011. Abstracts received after this deadline will not be considered.

4. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Abstracts Book, which will be distributed to the Conference participants on arrival in Beijing, China. Only abstracts by authors duly registered by 1 August 2011 will be published. Registration for the 14th World Conference on Sport for All will be possible online as from 1 February 2011 (

5. Authors may submit no more than two abstracts, of which the Conference Programme Committee (the ‘Committee’) can select only one. It is possible to appear as a co-author on other abstracts. The author presenting the abstract at the Conference must be listed as the first author of the abstract.

6. Format/size Abstracts should be between 500-600 words. They may contain simple tables as can be inserted through the online submission system.
a) Headings Should be written in Arial 10 pt, capital letters, bold, alignment left, singlespacing.
b) Text Should be written in Arial, 10 pt, justified, single-spacing.
c) References Should be written in Arial 9 pt, italic, justified, single-spacing. References in the text have to be cited at the end of the abstract and should be kept to a minimum (use abbreviations and do not cite the title of the article). In-text references should be quoted according to the following examples: … according to Faina et al (2001) … as Faina and Giovanni (2002) have proposed … as has already been reported (Faina, 1989)

7. Language English or French. Chinese abstracts may also be submitted independently of the online submission system by sending the abstracts in accordance with these guidelines to Chinese abstracts may contain up to 1000 words.

8. Structure Subdivide the abstract into the following paragraphs:
a) Policy/practice oriented presentations / Case studies
Introduction: contextual information, concerns, issues, challenges
Development: clear description, expected goals/outcomes, entities involved, responsibilities, budget, timing, monitoring and evaluation structure.
Conclusion: analysis, lessons learned, long-term future of programme/ project.
b) Scientific
Introduction: background, purpose and scope of the study/project
Methodology: explanation of data collection and processing
Results: summary of the results
Conclusion: major findings and recommendations.

9. Grant funding Any acknowledgment of funding must be printed at the bottom of the abstract.

10. Poster presentation Posters should be clearly legible from a distance of 2 metres and structured according to the Rules. The maximum size for each poster is 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (height).

11. Conference Programme Committee The Committee is appointed by the IOC and includes representatives of the IOC, the Local Organising Committee and the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (‘AISTS’) as well as scientific experts. For the fi rst time in 2011, the academic content of the Conference will be managed by the IOC with the assistance of the AISTS.
The Committee has the power to select the abstracts intended for publication and presentation. It may reject any abstract without giving a reason. It may also return to an author for modification any abstract which does not meet the requirements set out under the Rules above. The Committee will automatically disregard any abstract which, in its sole discretion:
- is not related to the Conference Call for Abstracts;
- violates the intellectual property rights of a third party, including but not limited to personality rights of natural and artificial persons;
- mentions the name of a commercial products company, patent or trademark, or features any other form of publicity;
- plagiarises texts;
- includes off ensive, indecent, or objectionable material.

Final Provisions

Before submitting an Abstract, authors must read and accept the full text of the Final Provisions, which set out additional terms and conditions for submitting an Abstract. The Final Provisions are available on the online submission system at ( Complete copies of the Rules, including the Final Provisions, can also be obtained by email request to To submit your abstract please click here

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