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01 Oct 2008
IOC News

Busan Forum concludes with Action Plan

The 6th World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture in Busan, Korea, concluded last weekend with an Action Plan adopted by the more than 600 participants. The document, which was presented by Zhenliang He, Chairman of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, sets out ambitious initiatives to be taken by different stakeholders in the following fields:

- Youth
- the Youth Olympic Games
- Universality
- Post-athletic life
- OCOG and NOC education and culture programmes
- Partnerships
- The Olympic Congress

First-hand input from youngsters and Olympians
The forum's panel discussions and presentations held under the overall theme "Sport and Education for the Now Generation" guaranteed first-hand input into the Action Plan. Who could better give recommendations in the youth field than youngsters themselves, featured on the podium during the Forum? And who would be better suited to give recommendations on the post-athletic life than former athletes? Explaining how sport made her fit for life in general, Manuela Di Centa, Olympic champion in skiing, member of the IOC and the IOC's Athletes’ Commission and member of the Italian Parliament, said during her presentation in Busan: "Today, when someone asks me which of my Olympic medals I won is the most important for me…, I can only reply: 'it is not a single medal, but the path I took to get it'."

Education programmes in Olympic host countries
The Forum also focused on the question, how Olympic education can be brought to a wide range of youngsters – be it through activities on a national level or through initiatives by Olympic Organising Committees of past and future host cities. Yang Zhicheng from the Beijing 2008 Organising Committee (BOCOG) explained how the biggest Olympic education programme in history was implemented in his country in the run-up to the Games. Some 400 million children from more than 400,000 elementary and secondary schools benefitted from Olympic education, which was integrated into the regular school curriculum. The set-up of an Olympic Education System in China is one important legacy from the Games.

London spot on
Nick Fuller from the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) showed that the host city of the next Summer Olympic Games is already spot-on in regard to reaching out to young people. The day London received the flag during the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games was the starting signal for "Get Set", the London 2012 domestic education programme. A new interactive "Get Set" website can be found at .

Read the full text of the Busan Action Plan which also dedicates a special section on the Youth Olympic Games, which will take place for the first time in 2010 in Singapore and will include important educational elements.
 Learn more about the programme (PDF)
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