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29 Nov 2018
Olympic News, Buenos Aires 2018, YOG
Buenos Aires 2018

Buenos Aires 2018 flashback: Quotes of the YOG

The 4,000 athletes competing at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Buenos Aires 2018 may have been young, but they often proved to be wise beyond their years when speaking to the media. Here’s our selection of the most memorable quotes from the YOG…


“It felt like the Colosseum, with everybody watching you from above.”

The atmosphere in Buenos Aires was more akin to Ancient Rome for Argentinian rower María Sol Ordás, who was backed by incredible local support as she won gold in the women’s single sculls


“I started archery by playing it in a video game and I thought, ‘I want to try this in real life.’ I was really bad at it [at first] but I was determined to get good and now I’m here.”

Playing video games proved to be time well spent for American archer Trenton Cowles, who won the men’s individual gold


“Being at an Olympic event is so much bigger than anything we’ve done so far, like the World Championships or European Championships in BMX. There’s an amazing atmosphere in the Village… And I can eat some steak now!”

Switzerland’s Kevin Schunck was keen to enjoy some of Argentina’s famous cuisine after winning silver in the mixed BMX team event


“We are going shopping and we will eat cake, like dulce de leche, and anything sweet, like croissants, chocolate, ice creams. Usually when we are home we don’t eat sweets because we are preparing for the competition and they’re not so good. But afterwards we’ll eat everything.”

Greece’s Elina Tzengko was also looking forward to indulging her sweet tooth after winning gold in the women’s javelin


“It’s weird because the first time, I hated it; the second time, I hated it. For a straight year, I hated it, because you get beaten up so much at the beginning, when you don’t know anything. But once I started progressing I was like, ‘This is so fun’.”

Canada's Keagan Young was happy he persisted with judo after clinching a bronze medal in Buenos Aires


“I know everybody knows me as ‘the hairy dude’. I am a bit vain, I know. I like to take care of my hair; I like to have my own style. It is my trademark.”

Brazilian boxer Luiz Gabriel Chalot de Oliveira will look even better with a bronze medal around his neck after reaching the podium in the men’s flyweight event


“I knew school was supposed to be a big thing this week but I have been sort of putting golf first and look what I have got! A gold and two passes would be good.”

Australian golfer Grace Kim was delighted with her gold medal in the women’s individual stroke play event, despite the looming prospect of two school exams


“My mother always told me that I had too much energy, and that I should use it on something. All that energy and effort has now been put into the Youth Olympic Games.”

Mexican diver Gabriela Agundes García now has a YOG bronze in the women’s 10m platform to show for all that excess energy


“I want that dining-hall applause when I walk in. It’s pretty cool.”

Australian runner Keely Small was looking forward to showing off her gold medal in the athletes’ dining hall after topping the podium in the women’s 800m


“Rivals become friends, and it’s a very positive environment. It just goes to show how much sport can change the world. It changes how people act; everyone here has a smile on their face, and it doesn’t matter what country you’re from.”

Canadian boxer Spencer Wilcox proved that the only fighting he was interested in was in the ring as he hailed the convivial atmosphere of the YOG

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