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09 Oct 2015
Lillehammer 2016, YOG, Olympic News
Lillehammer 2016

Bringing the latest news from Lillehammer 2016 – meet the Reporters!

It’s not just athletes who train hard for the Youth Olympic Games!  After their rigorous training programme at Nanjing 2014 last summer given by experts in the realms of broadcast, written, photographic and social media, 15 Young Reporters have been chosen to go on to the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games. From 12 to 21 February, these rising stars of journalism will report on all the activity, on and off the field of play, on the official website  Without further ado, meet the team…

Emily Bayci, USA


Emily Bayci, 25, grew up around sports. She loves covering the Olympic Games because she feels she can portray athletes in their purest forms. Bayci currently lives in Cincinnati and has written about the Olympic Games, and professional and collegiate sports for the past five years.


Ivan Boyanov, BUL


Ivan Boyanov , 24, is a sports journalist working for Bulgarian TV channel TV7 since 2010. He was part of the IOC "Young Reporters Programme" during the second Youth Olympic Games, where he was named co-winner of the Steve Parry Award for the Best International Olympic Committee Young Reporter.


Maria Carolina Cabella, ARG


Sports are her passion, and with sports journalism she found the means of doing what she loves and enjoys the most: writing stories and getting to know different people and cultures. Sport has been an integral part of her life since she has been playing field hockey almost 20 years ago. 


Ricardo Chambers, JAM


Ricardo worked three years full time for KLAS ESPN RADIO, where in 2010 he received the Press Association of Jamaica's Young Journalist of the Year award. In 2012, he accepted an offer from one of the island's most recognised media entities, the RJR Communications Group. His growth has propelled him to being one of the leading sports commentators in Jamaica, and since May of this year a television anchor. Ricardo is looking forward to the Winter Youth Olympic Games, which will be his first opportunity covering sports on ice.


Changjie Chen, CHN


Chen Changjie, 23, is passionate and energetic,  and he says simply to be a sports reporter is his dream which he will always keep pursuing.


Laura Godenzi, SUI


Going to Nanjing 2014 with little experience in the media field, Laura returned home to Switzerland with a bag full of knowledge, exciting stories, and a newly discovered passion for photography, thanks to the amazing photo mentor Nick Didlick. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications sciences, but whenever she has time, you can find her with a camera shooting and working on her photo skills. Apart from photography she has a passion for foreign languages, sports, meeting people and discovering new places. 


Polina Golovina, BLR


Having an education in media and in intercultural communication, Polina Golovina, 26, works as a Press Secretary and as an International Relations Specialist in the Belarus Sailing Federation. Here, she manages to combine her several passions: her love of writing and photography, her interest in different cultures and her excitement about sport. She believes that participation in the Young Reporters Programme in Nanjing 2014 was an incredible and inspirational experience, and one of the most important steps in her professional life. She is happy to be continuing this thrilling journey in Lillehammer 2016 as a photojournalist under mentor Nick Didlick.


Jingjing Liao, CHN


Liao Jingjng is from China. She has a lot of enthusiasm for sports news. Her dream is to become an outstanding sports journalist. For fun, she enjoys painting and playing table tennis. She is a warm-hearted girl looking forward to meeting and making more friends. 


David Lozada, PHI


David has been a desk editor, multimedia reporter and community manager for Rappler, one of the Philippines' leading social news websites, for two-and-a-half years. He covers breaking news, climate change, development, youth issues and sports. As a community manager, he recruits and trains journalists from across the country.


Diego Melendreras, GUA


Outgoing, human jukebox and travel lover. Diego recently started hosting his own radio show. His biggest joy is making people laugh. 


Pallavi Prasad, IND


With a degree in English Literature, and a Masters in Liberal Arts, Pallavi Prasad, 22, considers the Young Reporters' Programme to be the best thing to have happened to her, professionally. Originally inclined towards print, she discovered her excitement about capturing stories through photos. She will be covering the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games as a photojournalist. Back home in India, she works as a travel content writer. She loves to listen to music and take pictures as she goes through her day.


Jerick Sablan, GUM


Jerick Sablan has been reporting for Guam’s leading newspaper, the Pacific Daily News, for several years. His experiences at the Youth Olympic Games will help him gear up to cover the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next year. He reports on the island’s unique culture and the diversity of the people of Guam, and soon will be covering sports on ice too.


Vegard Anders Skorpen, NOR


Vegard is an educated journalist and currently doing his second bachelor degree, this time in Sports Science - Sports Management. Despite being only 24, he has worked part time as a journalist for about five years in a row as a journalist. His mother's family is from the Lillehammer region, and he looks forward to covering the YOG in a familiar environment.


Ashlee Tulloch, NZL


Ashlee Tulloch has been a news and sports reporter at New Zealand Television Network, 3News since 2011.

There is no question that attending the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games in 2014 as part of the Young Reporters Programme was the highlight of her career so far. The 25 year-old is thrilled to be covering the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games as a broadcast journalist.

She recently began presenting a new show on TV3 called Super Sport Sunday, which covers the day’s sporting news and all the weekend’s sporting highlights. Ashlee counts the All Blacks winning the 2011 Rugby World Cup as her most memorable sporting moment, and considers Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Yao Ming as the greatest athletes she has had the privilege of interviewing.  Ashlee has a Bachelor in Communications from Auckland University of Technology.


Jade Webster, CAY


Jade Webster, a young journalist based in the Cayman Islands, joined the team of Young Reporters for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Jade's childhood dream was to be a travel journalist and fulfil her wanderlust. Once a reporter at her local TV station, Cayman 27, Jade now works in marketing at a law firm. Still an avid journalist, Jade assists the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee with reporting, and was recently selected to participate in the Young Reporters programme for the Toronto 2015 Pan-American Games.

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