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Bobsleigh track in honour of Eugenio Monti

04 Dec 2003
Olympic News

The 5th World Conference on Sport and Environment opened on 2 December in Turin with a minute’s silence in remembrance of Eugenio Monti, and with the suggestion from Valentino Castellani, President of the Turin 2006 Organising Committee (TOROC), that the Olympic bobsleigh track in Cesana Pariol should be named after the “Rosso Volante”.

"Rosso volante"
Eugenio Monti, who died last week, marked the history of bobsleigh between 1956 and 1968. At the 1956 Cortina d’Ampezzo Winter Games, bobsleigh pilot Eugenio Monti earned silver medals in both the two-man and the four-man events. Bobsleigh was not included in the 1960 Olympic Winter programme, but when the sport returned in 1964, so did Eugenio Monti. This time he won two bronze medals.

The story of the axle bolt
He also distinguished himself by helping Tony Nash and Robin Dixon win the gold medals when he loaned them an axle bolt to replace one that had broken. By 1968, Monti had won nine world championships and four Olympic medals, but no Olympic titles.

Gold medal at the age of 40
He was 40-years-old, and the Grenoble Games would be his last chance. In the two-man event, Monti teamed with Luciano De Paolis to set a course record on the final run and earn a tie with Horst Floth and Pepi Bader. Because Monti recorded the fastest single heat time, he and De Paolis were awarded first place. Monti also won a second gold medal in the four-man event.

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