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01 Feb 2004
IOC News

Bibliography 1992-2002 Collection of sports medicine and sports sciences

The Olympic Library maintains the most complete and comprehensive collection of journal and reference book publications on sports medicine and sports science in the world. The library's most current holdings.

An explosion of activity
By the year 1950, little information on sports medicine and sports science had appeared in the scientific literature. Reference texts were not available. From slow beginnings during the past half-Century, an explosion of research activity occurred in
such areas as sports injury prevention, injury treatment and rehabilitation, the
physiology of conditioning and competition, sports biomechanics, and sports nutrition.

Under the leadership and guidance of the IOC Medical Commission, the Olympic Museum Library has established the most complete and authoritative Collection of Sports Medicine / Sports Science publications in the world.The Collection includes all types of monographs and references texts as well as scientific journals in French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Ten years of listings
This booklet contains a complete bibliographical listing of the Olympic Museum Library’s holdings as published during the time period 1992-2002.

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