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17 Feb 2018
Olympic News, PyeongChang 2018
PyeongChang 2018

Beyond snow and ice with the Olympic Channel

There is more to PyeongChang 2018 than competitions, champion athletes, amazing achievements and medals. The XXIII Olympic Winter Games also offer a chance to discover the host city, rich Korean culture, culinary traditions and other local pursuits, as well as the houses of the NOC delegations - some of which have truly got into the party spirit. Join our roving Olympic Channel reporter Nicklas Vinde as he takes you on a fascinating journey to the other side of PyeongChang 2018.

The Intel eSports Tournament

Tens of millions of fans online, passionate audiences, stunning coverage, wide-eyed commentators, players who give their all in front of the screen - operating the controls on their consoles at lightning speed - there’s all that and more at the PyeongChang Intel eSports Tournament. Nicklas goes behind the scenes.

Orange house party

Every NOC delegation has their very own “house” at the Olympic Games, a warm and inviting place where they each play host to the wider Olympic family and celebrate the medal successes of their athletes. Nicklas has been partying at the “Holland House”, where the music plays deep into the night as the Dutch celebrate the triumphs of their speed skaters.

Anyone for dried pollock?

What’s that fishy smell? Why, it’s hundreds of Alaskan pollocks hanging out to dry in the open air for four long months. And when they’re ready, they’re cooked in all sorts of ways in a wide range of popular dishes. Come and find out more about one of Korean cuisine’s most important traditions.

A fisherman’s tale

Cut a hole in the ice on a frozen lake, get yourself comfortably installed in a folding chair with your fishing rod, stick a little shrimp on the hook as bait, and just lower it into the water. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, not for our Nicklas. Luckily for him, the residents of PyeongChang are on hand to help him out, ensuring that he doesn’t go away with an empty stomach.

And what does it feel like to be..Soohorang?

Finally, Nicklas went undercover on a special assignment at PyeongChang 2018. See his spectacular adventures behind the scenes!

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