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Beijing to welcome Sport for All experts in 2011

Beijing (China) will be the host of the 14th World Conference on Sport for All, which will take place from 20 to 23 September 2011. The focus of this edition will be on the practical implementation of Sport for All programmes, and speakers from around world as well as high profile personalities will attend to share their expertise in this field. The event will also look at academic studies on the cultural importance and health benefits of physical activity. The format of the Conference will see emphasis placed upon the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of best practices, including workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities for the participants.

In particular, discussions will centre on the following themes:

- Follow-up of the 2010 World Conference on Sport for All;
- Health and social benefits of physical activity;
- Programmes and policies: the practical and theoretical foundations of Sport for All;
- Development and promotion of Sport for All, in particular the roles of different stakeholders; and
- Future directions.

The attendees will have the opportunity to hear case study presentations in which presenters will share their secrets on the successful implementation of Sport for All programmes. Furthermore, the Conference will provide participants with the opportunity to meet the experts and leaders of the global Sport for All movement, with specific times set aside for networking and communication. The academic content of the Conference will be supplemented by a number of sporting and social events in which participants will be able to gain first-hand impressions of Beijing’s Olympic legacy.

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