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04 Dec 2002
IOC News

Beijing Lays Solid Foundations for Promising 2008 Olympic Games

The quality of the Games preparation accomplished to date by organisers and government officials, together with the understanding of the challenges and opportunities awaiting Beijing and China in the next six years, were praised today by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission, following two days of productive meetings in the Chinese capital.

The full Coordination Commission, chaired by Hein Verbruggen, IOC member, and composed of 16 members representing the IOC, the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), the International Federations (IFs), the athletes and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), was visiting Beijing for the first time since the city was awarded the Olympic Games in July 2001. Two working group meetings took place earlier in the year in April and August as fact-finding exercises, which formed the basis of this week's visit.

The IOC and the Beijing Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) held constructive discussions on the themes of venue construction, marketing, sports, the environment, the Olympic Village and athletes' services, media and communications, accommodation and technology. In addition, a tour of Beijing was organised to allow the IOC delegation to visit the city's light railway, the fourth and fifth ring roads, and the Olympic Green (an area of over 1.1 hectares where main venues, together with media, commercial and cultural facilities, will be located).

"The first visit of our Commission to Beijing has been extremely fruitful", commented Mr Verbruggen. "We have been impressed by the quality of the work and the knowledge and expertise that the organisers have developed, particularly through their close cooperation with past and present organising committees. Solid foundations have been laid down during this first year, and the organisers have now clearly identified the tasks to be accomplished in the next 12 months and beyond. The Commission has established a close and strong relationship with BOCOG, and looks forward to continuing to work closely together in the future", he added.

"The discussions that the IOC and BOCOG had this week were held in a very friendly manner and were extremely positive and constructive," said Jiang Xiaoyu, BOCOG Vice-President, during the press conference at the end of the meetings. "BOCOG was given the opportunity to present the work undertaken over the last year, and received positive comments from the IOC. Mutual understanding of the tasks to be accomplished in the future was reached, and the foundations have been laid down for a long-term cooperation between BOCOG and the Commission".

BOCOG explained that all the tasks that had been scheduled for 2002 have progressed well. The IOC also noted that the government has invested in the construction of the N°5 subway, where work has already begun, and into the protection and restoration of historical and cultural sites.

The focus in the coming months will be on the evolution of the Beijing Olympic Action Plan, outlining the urban infrastructures, services and logistical support for the Games; the opening of the international bid process for design and construction of the major Olympic venues; the launch of the marketing programme; and the unveiling of the emblem for the Games.

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