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Beijing 2022 anti-doping lab best in class

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The Olympic Games Beijing 2008 left a number of legacies that continue to have an impact on sport in China even now, nearly 11 years later. 

One of those legacies was the creation of a state-of-the-art anti-doping lab, which has become one of the best-performing laboratories, as seen in WADA’s annual report.

During the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, the Beijing lab will be well equipped to process the expected 3,000 samples, which will be vital in the IOC’s mission to protect clean athletes, combat cheating and ensure that anyone responsible for using or providing doping products is held accountable, as part of a zero-tolerance policy.

During his meeting with IOC President Thomas Bach in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping restated his strong stance on doping, as well as insisting that he personally “hated doping in sport”.

"There will be a zero-tolerance approach to doping and corruption," he said. "We will have a clear and firm policy. I want to make sure we win a gold medal for anti-doping measures.”

Adding to the already rich legacy, the Olympic Winter Games in 2022 will help to boost expertise and international collaboration even more, while also providing an opportunity to update equipment.

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