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16 Jul 2004
Olympic News

Beijing 2008 Paralympic emblem presented to the world

The Organising Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) has unveiled the emblem for the 2008 Paralympic Games. The emblem presents an athlete in sporting action and is comprised of three colours: red, blue and green, which represent the sun, the sky and the Earth respectively.

Birth, life, arrival and achievement
The three parts composing the emblem represent the nature of the universe and are shaped in a figure of an athlete, which implies the harmony between nature and human beings and the integration of the heart, body and spirit of the people, which coincides with both the philosophy of Chinese culture and that of the Paralympic Games. The focus of the emblem is people, the core of the universe and the Paralympics, and it also embodies Beijing’s concept of the “People’s Games”. A hint of Chinese calligraphy can be perceived in the shape of the athlete, which is the Chinese character “zhi.” Most frequently used in the ancient written Chinese language, “zhi” means birth, life, arrival and achievement.

Spirit in motion
The IPC President, Phil Craven, commented, “The emblem captures many aspects of the Paralympic Movement and goes well with Chinese culture.” He added, “The emblem conveys an athlete whose spirit is truly in motion – embodying the IPC motto Spirit in Motion.”

Encouragement for Chinese Paralympic athletes
For Deng Pufang, BOCOG Executive President and President of the China Disabled Person’s Federation, the launch of the emblem was a positive sign for Chinese Paralympic athletes. He said, “The launch of the 2008 Beijing Paralympic emblem will surely further encourage China’s disabled athletes to continue winning glory for our country with relentless effort and perseverance in the International Paralympic competition fields.”

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