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BEIJING 2008: More Than 100,000 Mottos Received

24 Jan 2005
Olympic News

The delay for the submission of mottos for the Beijing Olympic Games comes to an end on 31 January 2005, with the Organising Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad – Beijing 2008 (BOCOG) having already received over 100,000 entries. BOCOG is currently classifying and registering the submitted entries before announcing the winner later in the first half of 2005.

Worldwide Interest
The entries were received by post, e-mail and hand at the BOCOG offices, with submissions coming from all over the world. Indeed, there were over 3,000 e-mails and 4,000 letters sent to BOCOG from countries such as the United States, Great Britain, France, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Cuba, Norway, Brazil, and, of course, China itself, including Hong Kong. While most of the slogans are in Chinese, there have also been entries in English, French and Spanish.

Olympic Values
Games organisers are increasingly using the Olympic Games mottos as an important platform from which to launch their communications campaigns. With this in mind, BOCOG is looking for a motto that will shift the focus to the three concepts of the 2008 Games – Green Olympics, Hi-tech Olympics and People’s Olympics – as well as the universal values of the Olympic Movement, such as peace, unity, friendship, participation, inspiration, dedication, joy and fair play.

Harmonious Gathering
When launching the campaign, BOCOG indicated that it was looking for a motto that would be easy to read and remember and that could be understood and shared by people from different cultures. The motto that will be used in both Chinese and English should be emotional and inspiring and be presented with strong visual effects. So far, the mottos that BOCOG has received have a wide range of connotations going from expressing the Chinese people’s joy at hosting the Games, to offering best wishes to the Games, to expressing a longing for the harmonious gathering of different cultures.

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