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28 Jul 2008
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Beijing 2008: Athletes voting for athletes

Today, 28 July, there are just over 11 days to go until the big Olympic event in Beijing for some 10,500 athletes from the five continents. From 8 to 24 August, their performances and achievements, their joy and their pain, will certainly be publicised by one or other of the media worldwide. In Beijing, all these athletes, citizens of the world, will be able to take part in electing four of their peers to the IOC Athletes’ Commission. Twenty-nine candidates, representing as many countries, wish to become a “spokesperson” for the athletes of today and tomorrow. Only four of them will be elected and become the ambassadors of the values of sport and the voice of the athletes within the Olympic Movement. You can find out about these candidates in the IOC Athletes’ Commission Election Manual. Voting offices will be set up in Beijing from 5 to 20 August 2008, and in Hong Kong and Qingdao from 5 to 11 August 2008. Athletes in football host cities will also have the possibility to vote. The election results will be officially announced on 21 August in the Olympic Village in Beijing.
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