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Behind the scenes at mixed doubles curling

19 Jan 2020
Olympic News, YOG, Lausanne 2020, Curling
The mixed doubles event is contested by pairs formed of a female and male curler from different National Olympic Committees. We were at the draw to find out how it all works.

The Mixed Doubles Competition

This event sees one male and one female from different nation form a mixed doubles team.

The knockout format is faster-paced, with each team only delivering five stones per end. However, each team places an extra stone before the start of each end, either in front of the house or in the middle of the house.

The player who sends down the first stone also delivers the last, with the other player taking the second, third and fourth turns for that end.

Japan’s Yako Matsuzawa and Switzerland’s Philipp Hösli combined to win YOG gold in 2016. The draw for Lausanne 2020 takes place after the mixed team competition concludes.

Mixed Doubles schedule

Qualifying games: from January 18 to 21

Medal game: Wednesday, January 22

09:30 - 11:30 – Semi-finals Mixed Doubles Competition

13:30 - 15:30 - Finals Mixed Doubles Competition

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