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08 Apr 2011
Olympic News , Olympic Museum

Become a part of Olympic history and win a trip to the Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum is holding a photo contest from the 21 March to the 15 September 2011. On 21 September 2011 a jury will choose the best entries which will become a permanent part of the International Olympic Committee’s digital collection.

The lucky winner will get a trip to Lausanne and visit the HOPE exhibit which is currently under way and The Olympic Museum behind the scene. Other prizes include photo and/or video equipment.

Photographer’s brief

To be eligible to win take a photo(s) which represents the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect. 

Get inspired from your everyday life and show how sport can help to:

o overcome difficulties,  surpass oneself, stretch boundaries, get involved …
o foster respect and dignity, fight against any sort of discrimination
o encourage encounters and exchanges, invite to speak the same language, give everyone a place
o pacify conflicts

Send your pictures to

Your Photos On Display At The Olympic Museum
On a regular basis and for a limited period of time a random selection of photos submitted to the contest will be featured in The Olympic Museum’s main lobby in Lausanne.

Learn more about Hope on the website of the Museum

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